Morning Walk on the Beach

"The future depends on what you do today"
Mahatma gandhi

As an adult, when someone asked me, "What do you do?" ... my answer was always, "I am an artist," even though my actual job title was "Advertising Manager" in Marketing, "Regional Sales Manager" in Publishing, or "Consultant" in Lighting Design. The answer just came naturally because art was my passion.

Now, life's changes have brought me to a place, three decades later, in which I can focus primarily on creating art again. So now I can finally say once and for all, "I am an artist!"


  • Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, Chicago, IL 
  • Associates Degree Illustration, Kendall School of Design, Grand Rapids, MI
  • BFA in Fine Art and Psychology, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI


  • Honorable Mention 1985 Salmagundi Club, NYC, NY

  • Juried exhibits 2015,2016 Atlanta Artists Center, Atlanta,GA

  • Juried Exhibit 2015 Kudzu Art Zone Gallery, Norcross, GA

  • Juried exhibits 2015,2016 Southeastern Pastel Society, Atlanta, GA

  • Southeastern Pastel Society, Member, Atlanta, GA


  • Daniel E. Greene: It was my good fortune early in my career to work as assistant to one of the most prominent portrait artists of our time. I was able to watch and learn during his workshops and demonstrations, and this was my introduction to the beauty of pastel painting.

  • Richard McKinley: Soon after I started painting again, I was fortunate enough to attend one of Mr. McKinley's landscape workshops. An award winning plein air painter, he showed me the magic of combining the free flow of painting with the richness of pastel pigment.